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12 Reasons to Hire a

Special Education Attorney

Parents have many reason why they contact Education Attorney Molly Watson to help their child. They may feel uncomfortable advocating for their child when the case is complicated or when they lack the time and energy to go up against the school district and their attorneys. Or they may contact Mrs. Watson to determine the strength of their case and how best to resolve a dispute with the school district. 


Below is a list of some of the other most common reasons why parents, such as you, hire Molly Watson to represent them:

1. The school district refuses to assess your child to determine whether they need special education services;

2. The school district has failed to provide your child with an appropriate placement;

3. The school district has failed to place your loved one in the least restrictive environment;

4. The School district has failed to faithfully implement your child’s IEP;

5. The school district has failed to offer to provide your child with appropriate related services to meet their unique needs;

6. The school district’s evaluation of your loved one was inadequate or inaccurate or conducted improperly;

7. The school district failed to include you as an IEP team member in determining your child’s special education services;

8. The school district failed to include proper goals in all areas of need in your child's IEP;

9. The school district has notified you that it may expel your child with special needs;

10. Your child’s IEP is contradictory and confusing;

11. The school district unfairly discriminated against your child;

12. You want peace of mind as to your child's education.

How we help parents with

IEPs and 504 plans

In representing families, we may do one or more of the following:


  •  We consult with parents, such as you, over the phone, by email, through FaceTime and Skye, and in-person regarding their loved one's unique needs and education;

  • We review educational records, which may be provided to us by you or the school district;

  • We research legal topics regarding your child's education and related parent and student rights;

  • We represent families at IEP meetings;

  • We represent families at 504 meetings;

  • We review IEPs to determine whether you should sign your consent to them;

  • We represent families in manifestation determination meetings;

  • We write complaints that we submit to the Office of Administrative Hearings or the California Department of Education;

  • We represent families, such as yours, in early resolution meetings in an effort to resolve the dispute between the school district and the parents;

  • We participate in mediations in an effort to resolve the matter;

  • We help parents obtain reimbursement for educationally related expenses;

  • We represent families in special education due process hearings;

  • We are available to represent our clients in federal district court.

How we help children with IEPs 

  • We help children become eligible for special education;

  • We obtain needed school district assessments for children with disabilities to determine their unique needs;

  • We obtain independent educational evaluations for children, which are commonly called IEEs;

  • We assist in the development of appropriate IEP goals;

  • We assist in the development of IEP accommodations and modifications;

  • We help obtain appropriate services for children, such as the provision of 1:1 aides or speech and language therapy;

  • We help obtain appropriate placements for children in the least restrictive environment; 

  • We have incorrect or improperly included information removed from children's school records;

  • We help children remain in their school who may otherwise be removed through disciplinary proceedings;

  • We help obtain compensatory education for children, which is often provided as tutoring or therapy.

For more information on hiring Molly Watson to represent you, call today: 530-273-2740.

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