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A dispute with your child's school creates unique struggles you may feel unequipped to deal with on your own. Your school may respond to your concerns by holding several IEP meetings that fail to resolve the problem. Or the school may fail and refuse to hold an IEP meeting despite your requests for one. If your child's school has failed to provide your child with appropriate special education supports, don't settle for more of the same.


Led by a dedicated attorney who truly cares about the individuals she represents, our law firm provides steadfast representation to families like yours. By taking on a limited number of cases, our law firm ensures that our attention is divided fairly among our clients. 


The majority of our work is due process representation before the Office of Administrative Hearings, which is a quasi-judicial tribunal that hears various types of cases, including special education cases. In this capacity, we represent families at resolution sessions, mediations, and, if the case does not settle, in hearings. 

At times, on behalf of children with special needs, we have filed complaints with the California Department of Education. And we have been in federal district court when a school district discriminated against a child.

We also are available to attend IEP meetings as a separate service in lieu of filing a complaint. Many disputes with schools can be resolved when a knowledgable and experienced lawyer represents a family at the meeting. 


Our ultimate goal is to help children by protecting their special education rights. With this goal in mind, we realize that not all families are able to afford the services of an attorney. For this reason, we offer to qualifying parents special education due process services without charge. Call today to begin the process of finding out if you qualify.


Molly Watson has 12

Years of Experience Providing Honest, Affordable

and Caring Representation

Molly Watson takes pride in providing families with a special needs child with high quality representation in special education matters. As a former teacher, she understands the problems parents have in dealing with schools and school districts.  


You will work directly with Molly Watson, who will give you personalized advice each step along the way. Communication is highly encouraged and the firm stays in touch with clients on a regular basis.


Mrs. Watson will help you better understand your legal options for obtaining an appropriate education for your child, including a FAPE in the LRE. And she will work with you to obtain an appropriate education for your child to meet their unique needs. 

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The information on the Caledattorney website is general information for California residents only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice or relied upon for any purpose. Contact California special education attorney Molly Watson for more information about legal services.

Molly Watson is available to meet with parents by Skype or FaceTime.


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