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If your child with special needs has struggled in school without appropriate supports or placement, don't settle for more of the same. Call Education Attorney Molly Watson to hire an experienced special education attorney. Without experienced legal representation, you may find it impossible to get the help your child needs.


Led by a dedicated attorney who truly cares about the families she represents, our law firm provides personalized representation to families like yours. By taking on a limited number of cases, our law firm ensures that our attention is divided fairly among our clients. And, when you become one of our clients, we will focus our attention on obtaining the educational supports your child needs 


A school's failure to meet your child's unique needs may deny your loved on a free appropriate public education (FAPE) as promised under the Individuals with Act (IDEA). So too, a school district's failure to provide your child a placement in the least restrictive environment (LRE) may deprive your child of the educational benefit your loved one needs. 

We help families by filing complaints with the Office of Administrative Hearings on their behalf and representing them in special education due process cases. Through due process, we have been able to obtain the relief families need.


Perhaps you have visited a special education advocate who has assisted you at IEP meetings. But the issues with your child's education have yet to be resolved. Your next step may be to reach out to us for help. 


We work closely with families like yours to get appropriate special education supports for child with disabilities. We have obtained:


Our ultimate goal is to help children by protecting their special education rights. With this goal in mind, we realize that not all families are able to afford the services of an attorney. For this reason, we offer to qualifying parents special education due process services without charge. Call today to begin the process of finding out if you qualify.



Molly Watson Provides Elk Grove Families with Children with Special Needs High Quality Legal Representation

For more than a decade, Molly Watson has served families across California by providing high quality special education legal services. She takes pride in offering families honest, dedicated  representation with the goal of obtaining an appropriate education for their loved one with disabilities that meets their unique needs in the least restrictive environment.  


A former teacher who has taught both as a credentialed teacher and a substitute teacher, she understands the problems parents too often have in dealing with schools and the school district.  


When you hire Mrs. Watson, you will work directly her. She will give you personalized advice each step along the way. Communication is key to a successful outcome for your child, and the firm will stay in touch with with you on a regular basis.


Mrs. Watson will help you better understand your special education rights. And she will work with the goal of obtaining an appropriate individualized education program for your child and any needed compensatory education. 

Proudly Serving Clients in Elk Grove and Each of the Following Areas as Well as Other Cities in Northern and Central California

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