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Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

Too often, parents with a child with disabilities don't get the help they need in order to successfully advocate for their child. Sometimes parents attend multiple IEP meeting unaccompanied by an attorney or an advocate, sometimes several of them. Other times, the school fails and refuses to convene an IEP meeting. In these situations, parents, such as you, need help. In the meantime, their child lags further and further behind.


We strive to achieve a happier outcome. To this end, we offer families special education due process representation as well as IEP meeting representation. 


We understand that no all parents are able to afford the services of an attorney. For this reason, we offer qualifying families special education due process representation without charge. Call us today about this service.

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Molly Watson has more than 10 Years of Experience Providing Professional, Affordable

and Caring Representation

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Call Education Attorney Molly Watson if your child's school has failed to provide your child with an appropriate education. 


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