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Going up against a school district without legal representation can be intimidating to even the most well informed parents. You may feel unequipped to deal with school district staff and their attorney who may be acting on their behalf behind the scenes. The school may refuse to consider your request for assessment or fail to convene an IEP meeting to consider whether your loved one's unique needs are being met. Or the school may hold IEP meeting after IEP meeting with no end in sight to the mismanagement of your child's education. 


If you have been struggling to get your child's school to provide appropriate special education supports, don't settle for more of the same. By calling Education Attorney Molly Watson, you could hire an attorney the with experience in resolving special education matters such as yours.

Led by a dedicated attorney who truly cares about the children she represents, our law firm provides steadfast representation to families like yours. By focusing exclusively on special education matters, we offer knowledgeable legal representation to represent you in your dispute with the school district. 

If you have been struggling to get your child's school to provide appropriate special education supports,  call us today.


Our law firm is avail be to provide families with a variety of special education legal assistance


Our goal is to protect the special education rights of children like yours. We understand that not all families are able to to afford the services of an attorney to help them. With this in mind, we offer special education due process services without charge to qualifying families with children with disabilities. Call us today to find out if you qualify.


Molly Watson has Provided

Dedicated Special Education Representation 

for More than a Decade

Molly Watson sincerely cares about every child she represents, and she takes great satisfaction in helping them get the help they need. She recognizes that a school's failure to provide an appropriate education to a child can have devastating long-term affects on a child's future. She genuinely wants to provide you with the guidance you deserve to help your child get the educational supports they need. 

Mrs. Watson recognizes that no two cases are alike. When you work with this law firm, you will work directly with her to give you personalized and trusted legal advice each step of the way.

Communication is highly encouraged, and the firm stays in touch with clients on a regular basis, often by telephone, email, text message, or on special request, by video conference. 

Proudly Serving Clients in Stockton and Each of the Following Areas as Well as Other Cities in Northern and Central California

Call us today to retain a knowledgable and experienced special education

 lawyer: 530-273-2740.

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